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Back for another night! The nation's rising indie jam band just announced its newest 2024 Summer Tour with back-to-back nights at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre with its second night scheduled on Saturday, June 8. This marks their first run of shows with their new drummer Cotter Ellis. The band's tour comeback coincides with the release of their newest live album "Ted Tapes 2024", featuring improvisations during Ellis' audition sessions. Taking psychedelic rock and jam in a new age of wild rockin' concerts, they surely are "America's Next Great Jam Band". You can expect the wild rockers to play their crowd-favorite hits and tracks from their acclaimed records including those from "Moon Cabin", "Shenanigans Nite Club", "Dripfield", and "Undecided". These jam rockers are surely on a roll with new releases here and there... and fans have been craving for more! Since 2014, they've been blessing us with jam rock in this new age. Book your tickets now!

Loud and proud, the country's rising jam band, Goose, is heading back to the road! Turning the summer heat right up, the boys are hitting the stage on their 2024 Summer Tour this June. They're taking their new drummer Cotter Ellis on his first run of live shows with Goose. It's definitely gonna be a rockin' time to show Ellis how the Goose crowd rocks it all out. How did Cotter Ellis make it into the band? As Ben Atkind parted ways with Goose in late 2023, the boys were in search of a worthy drummer in the family. "I first saw Cotter play with his band Swimmer at Nectar’s some years ago," Rick Mitarotonda shared via Live For Live Music.

Raving about the way he played, we're also all in for the greater things he can bring to the table in Goose's first run of live shows this summer. "Each of the nine tracks on Ted Tapes 2024 are different improvisational moments from early sessions with Cotter," the band explained in an official statement. "They were recorded solely for the purpose of reference, not intended for any kind of release. The instruments and microphones were rigged up quickly, and the playing was raw and free from any expectations,"

They sure did find a sense of connection as the man went wild on the drums. It ain't just about finding the right talent, it's about finding someone who can connect and seamlessly work with the band as a whole. "We experienced a patience that allowed all our personalities to come out and energy to well up in new ways," he added, recalling that their ideas effortlessly flowed, knowing they found the right guy.

Goose has been playing live shows since 2014, and since then, fans have always craved more. In 2023, they shared a surprise EP "Autumn Crossing", featuring studio versions of three fan favorites from their live shows. "Travelers I" and "Travelers II" were crowd favorites since 2020, and "Elmeg the Wise" dates back to 2016 and found itself blooming back to the rockin' crowd in their 2023 "Live at Radio Music City Hall" release.

"It’s among a collection of material I wrote in the years prior to Goose forming," Mitarotonda said, explaining how these songs hold a special place in his heart. "This band is interesting to me in that way, it draws from many different times and places, and there’s a particular freedom to that. This one was a special time and place for me personally."

In 2022, they released their latest LP "Dripfield", satisfying fans' cravings for new music. Critics have agreed that the band is indeed America's Next Great Jam Band. "Goose have a distinct ability to put listeners in a trance, even stopping time for a little bit. It’s one of the defining powers of jam bands, and Dripfield has enough humble peaks and valleys to bring us into their world," Pitchfork's Brandy Gerber shared in a review.

Heading back to the stage this summer, make sure to mark your spots at their rockin' nights of psychedelic and jam rock. Book your tickets now!

Goose at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre

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