Mitski at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre

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Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre | Englewood, Colorado


Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre is the perfect venue this September 18 for you to enjoy the soul-stirring music of the enigmatic and mystical Mitski. The distinctive voice of the American-Japanese singer will echo loudly in the famous Englewood, Colorado, venue as she sings her career-defining hits, including "Nobody," "Your Best American Girl," "Strawberry Blond," and songs from her latest album, "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We." Prepare to be mesmerized and in awe as the award-winning singer-songwriter transforms Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre into a haven of musical enchantment. The moment Mitski picks up the microphone and starts singing, you are in for a musical experience that will invoke feelings that resonate with the depth of human experience. Tickets to the show are now available, and you can get yours here for $5 dollar off when you subscribe to our newsletter. Secure yours here by hitting the "Get tickets" link.

Many artists find solace in creating raw and deeply intimate music, but no one does it like Mitski. It is undeniable that she is a powerhouse when it comes to emotionally charged songs and indie rock. The way she dominates the scene is through her impeccable songwriting and her ever-changing style. She is candid in her songwriting. Her lyrics usually come from an introspective source. Identity, childhood, and love are among her most common themes. Her lyrics are then transformed by her gritty sound. Sonically, she can be whimsical or grounding, taking ideas from old-school rock. She is known for offering mellow vocals, which transform into rageful singing in many of her songs. Because of the unique artistry in her records, she continues to tug at people's heartstrings.

Mitski was already turning heads right on the bat. Her debut and sophomore both warmed her up for a breakthrough third album. "Bury Me at Makeout Creek" has captured a cult following in the past few years. This album introduced how an indie/alt-rock artist uses an "alternative" way of wearing one's heart on their sleeve. She defied expectations when she came back in 2016 with "Puberty 2." The trend wherein she changes genre inspirations began to get noticed starting in this album. However, despite the constant change she employs, her recognizable sound always comes out. Critics are impressed by the fourth album and called it "a triumphant new step in her evolution."

She again "genre-defied" in "Be The Cowboy" when it came out in 2018. By doing so, she experimented with electro-wave, disco, funk, and a whole lot of pop subgenres. This album feels like a chaotic masterpiece, which reviewers saw as her best release. She went on a hiatus after this successful album.

2022 opened to a new Mitski record, which she named "Laurel Hill." This album is a "soundtrack for transformation," as she called it. Only a year after, "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We" went public and dethroned "Be The Cowboy" as her best album yet. Critics gushed over how she handles emotion in this release. Eric Mason of Slant Magazine wrote about this and said that her "ability to pack so many gut-punches and inspired ideas into half an hour remains uncannily impactful."

In support of her new album, the indie-rock icon will be on her "Inhospitable" tour. One of her stops is at the Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre on September 18. Tickets for this concert are sure to sell out fast; book yours now!

Mitski at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre

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